May 31, 2019


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On March 31, 2021 Pride Program will be holding ‘Trans Day  Of Visibility’. In this workshop, we will engage in discussion with participants on topics including how to be better allies to the trans community.
Kiam Marcelo Junio is a holistic health coach and multi-passionate artist. They were born in the Philippines, and have lived in the U.S., Japan, and Spain. Their research and embodied art work center around creation myths, Philippine-American history, alternative herstories, and personal+collective healing through collaboration and inner inquiry.Kiam served seven years in the US Navy as a medical assistant and respiratory therapist. Their experience in oncology, critical care, neonatal, palliative, and emergency military medicine instilled a deep respect for the preciousness of life and the sensitivity of the body.
As a holistic health coach, Kiam works with rebellious leaders and multi-passionate professionals who are looking to improve their life and perform at their best.  Kiam loves helping people understand their mind and take care of their body in order to develop deep self-knowledge, sustainable self-love, and authentic self-expression.
You can connect with Kiam on Instagram @iamkiam and work with them through their website at
Yee Won Chong owns a consulting business focused on advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion. His TEDx Talk, “Beyond the Gender Binary” and film, “Trans Dudes with Lady Cancer” are used widely by educators, healthcare practitioners, and trainers to spark conversations and discussions about gender.
Social links:
Facebook: transdudeswithladycancer
Freelance Videographer/PhotographerLGBTQ+ Advocate
Bobbie Lee-Corry grew up in Singapore and has lived in the US for the last ten years. They studied media arts at BYU and now freelance in videography and photography. Bobbie is an advocate for LGBTQIA+ minorities and hopes to inspire Asian youth and parents to rethink social norms. Bobbie has spoken at various forums and events, sharing personal stories and poems about being queer and agender while being Chinese with a religious upbringing. 

What is NAAAP Pride?

Pride is the newest program developed by NAAAP. It is here to empower, educate, engage, and celebrate the Asian American LGBTQ+ professional community by providing education, promoting visibility, and developing current and future Asian LGBTQ+ leaders.

NAAAP will provide resources and support for those in all stages of the coming out process. And support those creating safe and affirming work and learning spaces. All so Asian American LGBTQ+ persons can live, work, and study  – safely, openly, and genuinely.

Our Program Objectives

  • Educating our members about the Asian American LGBTQ+ community.
  • Promoting visibility and support to members, allies, and corporations
  • Identifying and celebrating strategic partners, supporters, and advancements within the Asian American LGBTQ+ community.


We’re looking for a few good volunteers to help us grow the Pride Program!

Interested? Please email Rose Olea to learn more.

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