August 13, 2018

Serve on the Board

Reasons to join the NAAAP Chicago Board:

  1. NAAAP is a worthy cause. NAAAP’s mission is to help Asian American Professionals advance in their careers. Your board service will help guide the organization’s overall direction and impact to execute this mission.
  2. NAAAP offers the ability to expand your personal and professional networks by meeting other non-profit leaders locally in Chicago and nationally through NAAAP.
  3. NAAAP needs directors that are a good match to our organization.  You’ll be a member of the highest-level decision-making team for NAAAP Chicago and your level of responsibility will likely be more substantial than many (although by no means all) volunteer roles.
  4. Building your non-profit experience can help you serve a for-profit board later. You will learn more about the nuts and bolts of nonprofit governance as well as receive hands-on experience with strategic planning, financial oversight, and fundraising. Many for-profit boards consider nonprofit board service to be a plus.
  5. NAAAP builds your leadership skills.  Individuals who serve on a board have the opportunity to develop and grow as leaders and cultivate new skill sets.
 You cannot learn leadership from reading a book or sitting in class. To be a leader, you must learn by doing. NAAAP-Chicago has been transforming itself to serve the Asian professional community at higher levels than ever before. Our leadership team today is strong and talented.  Become a part of our team; make meaningful change in our community. We are looking for serious candidates who have passion and enthusiasm for positive and lasting change.

NAAAP is here to develop your leadership skills, abilities, knowledge, attitudes, and competencies through experiential learning.

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