September 19, 2018

Asian American Group Leaders (AAGL)

NAAAP-Chicago has a new AAGL Program Chair 

NAAAP-Chicago is pleased to announce that Tram Alisa Vo, Managing Director, Talent Development, CIBC, will now be leading our Asian American Group Leaders Program.

“I am so pleased that Tram is taking over the helm of one of our longest running programs. She herself has participated in AAGL and knows first hand the value of providing leadership development to Asian American ERG leaders.” Rose Olea, Chapter President, NAAAP-Chicago

Tram Vo

NAAAP-Chicago’s Asian American Group Leaders Program consists of a network of Asian Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Business Resource Groups (BRGs), and Multicultural Diversity Councils (MDC) across the Chicagoland area. The focus of this program is to:

  • help advance Asian ERGs/BRGs/MDCs to understand the value of diversity,
  • show the profit in the business case for diversity,
  • become better leaders for the company as well as the greater Asian community
  • help Asian leaders by sharing experiences, knowledge, insights and best practices, and
  • network with committed leaders to find and create more committed and successful leaders.

How to Join:

Join the program by becoming an AAGL Member. Membership is restricted to ERG leaders and by invitation only. Email to request more information.

Learn more about the AAGL program offerings:

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Click to learn more
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