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In promoting the career advancement and leadership development within the Pan-Asian American community, NAAAP-Chicago is pleased to announce the launch of its Mentoring Program. Designed to make a lasting impact and create laudable leaders through quality programming, learning and networking events among a carefully selected group of mentors and mentees, the NAAAP-Chicago Mentoring Program strives to accomplish a mutually beneficial relationship among its cohort.

Mentoring supports personal and professional development; mentors are trusted guides with whom mentees can turn to for advice.  Mentors inspire and guide mentees by sharing their personal experiences, challenges, and success stories.  In sharing their knowledge, mentors help mentees develop in their careers.

Benefits for Program Participants

  • Gain valuable insights that enhance both technical and interpersonal aspects relating to job performance and leadership skills
  • Grow both a personal and professional network among trusted affiliates and institutions 
  • Garner personal fulfillment based on a rewarding experience that offers a strong support system
  • Receive collegiality and support among mentees and mentors 
  • Develop motivation that encourages accountability, progress, and a celebration of success for milestones met
  • Guidance to achieve a healthy work-life balance
  • Increased self-confidence through self-awareness
  • Enhance mentoring and coaching skills (Mentor will receive a Mentor Toolkit and guidance throughout the program)
  • Identifying strengths and leveraging them to enhance one’s career
  • Make a positive impact that enhances the professional and personal endeavors of a young, up and coming professional
  • Recognition and respect from professional peers and the community
  • Receive a feedback report and NAAAP Mentoring Program certification

  • Develop a 1:1 relationship with an experienced professional who aligns with your aspirations and goals
  • Obtain strategic insights into specific industry and institutions
  • Receive support to create a career advancement plan (resume feedback, project suggestions, etc.)
  • Learn key techniques to balancing competing responsibilities in life and work