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 The NAAAP Wellness program emphasizes the health and resilience of the individual, so they may effectively lead the communities they serve professionally and personally. We’re dedicated to sharing ways to build healthy habits to help feel and be our best.

We have a year-long calendar of events to help foster self-compassion and pride in our API heritage. Keep checking our website, Instagram page, and our events calendar for events and programs!

Wellness Wednesday 

Wellness impacts so many facets of our professional and personal life! Small things can make a big difference, from eating the right foods to setting healthy boundaries. So we’ve planned an interactive activity each month focusing on different areas that contribute to our holistic wellness. Lets share ways to empower ourselves and our communities!

You can check specific dates and sign up for Wellness Wednesday events on the NAAAP Chicago Events Calendar 


Elizabeth 방실 Han (PsyD), (She/Her/Hers)


Dianne Lee

NAAAP Chicago strives to raise awareness around mental health within our community. In the spirit of this, we’d like to share vital resources that are available for you or a loved one.